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Course Selection and Registration

We are so excited for the new school year! 

At this time, course selection sheets should be signed by parents, teachers, and students and RETURNED to the English teachers.

Between February 14th and March 11th, counselors will be going to English classrooms to meet individually with students in order to ensure correct course selections and placements. Counselors do not have designated schedules for when they will be in a given English teacher's classroom. We are working hard to make sure each student's needs are met throughout the course selection process. Please be patient as we see each student in our assigned grades. At this time, Counselors are not available for appointments regarding course selection.

In order to ensure students are placed in the proper classes, students should make sure they have the following things: 

1. Access to their High School Transcripts (found on Student VUE)

  • Use this to check required classes still needed and progress toward completer programs. 

2. Access their Program of Studies - Found here: Program of Studies

3. Course Selection Sheet

  • Rising Freshman - Golden Rod
  • Rising Sophomore - Blue
  • Rising Juniors - Green
  • Rising Seniors - Pale Yellow

Students should check their StudentVUE for teacher recommendations in order to determine which courses to sign up for next year. They need to have signatures from the following individuals before turning in their course selection sheets: 

  • Teachers or Department Chairs - For approval of class placement and prerequisites
  • Student - On the back of the form
  • Parent - On the back of the form
  • Counselor - On the back of the form - signed when student meets with the counselor for online course selections in February and March. 

Course Information